“About resharpening”

Please send your scissors to us.
Please bear a shipment expense, an insurance expense to a visitor.

"When you return the scissors for repair to us"
Regarding invoice for customs purpose, please use the cost price for the goods.
Please put following sentences from a) to c) in the invoice.
a) Return defective goods to original manufacture for repair
b) No commercial value
c) Value for customs purpose only
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

“Resharpening Charges”

  • Scissors 1pcs @ 3000 Japanese Yen

“Returned postage”

  • Registered Small Packet "Japan Post" : Free

"Shipping Option -In A Hurry " * An extra shipping cost will be added.
Shipping costs differ depending on the weight of the item.

  • Express Mail Service "EMS"
  • SAGAWA Express "SGX"
  • TNT Express

“Payment method”

Payment in advance by PAYPAL.
After your scissors reached us, We will send the PayPal invoice to your email.
Please pay according to the guidance of the email that you received.
Scissors are returned to you after receiving the payment in PAYPAL.
*The bank check is not accepted.

Address : 2140-1 Takayama-Cho Ikoma Nara 630-0101 Japan
Phone : +81-743-78-1956 EMail : info@yasakaseiki.co.jp

2 types of screws are available for some products.
Indication is given when screws are selectable.
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